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Born in   Cairo - Egypt

About Us

alustadh Institute

Alustadh Institute is a privately-owned corporation providing qualified Arabic tutors to students who non-speaking Arabic. Through a variety of Arabic courses which can be studied online. 

All Arabic courses and classes are taught using a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods, utilize technology and the power of human relationships to make Arabic language and Islamic studies accessible to all learners, boost the self-confidence of the learner and dispel the perception that Arabic is a difficult language to learn and help them to learn, love and live the Holy Quran.

Our approach to learning Arabic and Quran

Arabic as a dynamic, living language.

Alustadh Institute treats Arabic as adynamic, living language. The focus is on communicating in everyday situations.We believe the Arabic language requires a different kind of course to the oneson offer. Alustadh Institute for Arabic has quietly developed a comprehensivecurriculum taught over four distinct levels takes a student from the properpronunciation of letters to a level of mastery.

Learning tailored to your needs

Alustadh Institute cares about you how you learn? what is your current level?  what you’re interested in learning? and how best to teach you? Whether you learn best by reading, writing, speaking, seeing or listening, Alustadh addresses your individual learning type. Our content is about real-life topics that are relevant because we know what matters to you is what sticks best.

The pedagogical approach of AlustadhInstitute can be described as a cognitive constructivist approach to learning,which uses modern teaching techniques which are supported and integrated bydigital media and a website. With its up-to-date teaching techniques, itssimple-to-complex approach that helps learners to feel comfortable and ready toface the challenge of learning a new language, its illustrative artwork, itssimple and easy-to-follow the layout, supported by dedicated online materialsincluding skills practice, and progress tests to support both students andteachers. 

Alustadh Institute approach is suited tonon-academic learners and vocational learners who are not in full-time study.Learners are guided by a task-based approach through a series of units, modulesand steps to acquire Arabic and an awareness of Islamic culture.

the current situation

In recent years interest in learning Arabichas grown dramatically. However, many people wishing to learn Arabic find thatthere is an acute shortage of high quality, reliable and authoritative courseswhich teach Arabic as a Foreign Language. 

Many existing courses of Arabic adhere totraditional concepts and use outdated language learning methodologies, theyalso frequently neglect the ever more important aspect of cultural awarenessand fail to recognize that a learner needs to be culturally competent tounderstand a language and interact adequately.

How we Teach

Virtual Classrooms

Our virtual classroom allows you to use audio, video, text typing and sharing screen and documents. Our whiteboard allows you to draw and write in Arabic or English to understand and interact with each other. This means that in some ways there is more opportunity to ask questions and interact with the teacher in our virtual classrooms than in a face –to- face conventional classroom. All our classes are recorded automatically so that you can review it in your own time as many times as you like from any browser anywhere in the world. Whether you want to improve your Quran recitation, learn to speak Arabic, improve your child’s literacy and numeracy level, we have an online course suitable for you. We select our teachers for excellence in their subject matter and excellence in Islamic character.

Alustadh Institute is an easy way for students of all ages who want to study online to find qualified professional and suitable teachers for their own level of learning. We provide live one to one and group classes. All our classes are coordinated and supervised to ensure good manners and segregation between men and women according to Islamic traditions. This means we do not have mixed classes; we use female teachers for female students and male teachers for male students.

We have some of the most experienced native Arabic speaking teachers from highly regarded institutions such as Al Azhar and Cairo Universities to teach our Arabic language classes. We specialize in teaching Arabic language to students from western countries, therefore all our teachers are selected for their expertise in both Arabic and English languages.

For our tajweed and Quran memorization classes we use both native Arabic speakers as well as very highly qualified and skilled teachers from other parts of the world. Many of our teachers are memorized Quran or active in the Da’wa, delivering lectures in masjids and other venues internationally.