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Learn to speak Arabic

Learn to speak Arabic with a Native Arabic speaking teacher and the Advanced learnig Arabic program made by our language experts. At Alustadh Institute, we know that just 3 days per week is enough to make big strides in learning the Arabic language.

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1. Book a Trial Lesson

Firstly select a language you want to learn, and try the first lesson now for free. Once you discover how much you can learn in 30 minutes, you will want to keep going.

2. Choose a Time

Secondly choose class time that suits you best, Wherever you are in home or any other place It’s not a problem, our learning platform works on all devices (Laptop – Tablet – Mobile).

3. Start your class!

Then meet your teacher and start learning Arabic language, Quran memorizing today. Go to our virtual classroom and start speaking!

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Learn Arabic Online

Whether you want to improve your Quran recitation, learns to Speak Arabic or Learn Arabic For Kids, we have an online course suitable for you. We select our teachers for excellence in Teaching Arabic and excellence in Teaching Islamic Studies.

Starting from complete beginner level to use Modern Standard Arabic within a limited range of everyday situations across the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The course builds on the skills acquired on an Arabic beginners course, starting from lower intermediate level to use Modern Standard Arabic in a range of frequently encountered situations.

Aims to reinforce the skill of communicating in Arabic to initiate and sustain conversations on a variety of topics and be familiar with the difference between formal and spoken Arabic.

learn quran recitation

The course begins with teaching the basic of Quran reading where the pronunciation of each alphabet is taught along with the word joining methods.

Memorize Quran

professional help to memorize by following the most effective ways to retain the memorized part of Quran and ways to increase or decrease the memorization.

quran tajweed rules

Acquiring Tajweed Quran Rules knowledge is a great blessing as this is a good tool to help you read Quran having the sense of correct recitation.

Tafseer Quran

Tafseer Quran course helps you to understand and connect to the Quran on a practical level so that you can feel connected to Allah every day.

Your way to Quran. Our Mission.

How to Learn Quran ?

Learn Quran Online is more effective than the face to face learning. We provide software for voice and video chat with the teacher, which makes learning much better than normal courses.

Realize it’s a spiritual and physical project. It’s a miracle and blessing from Allah that you’re able to absorb the Quran and memorize it.

Why Choose Alustadh Institue?

We believe in our teachers, they are some of the most experienced native Arabic speaking teachers, in adition to they gradeuated from highly regarded institutions such as Al Azhar and Cairo University to teach our Arabic language and Quran classes. We specialize in teaching Arabic to students non-speaking Arabic, so all our teachers are selected for their expertise in both Arabic and English languages.

interactive classrooms

Interact with the teacher using Audio, Video, Text typing and sharing of documents. This means more opportunity to ask questions and interact with the teacher.

Classes Made For You

Private classes are available at any time. Choose a private class from our curriculum or request your own topic, date, time and learn with a private teacher.

Flexibility 24/7

While you in work, at the weekend or even so on your lunch break: any day, any time you like, we’re here!

Most effective way

to achieve impressive learning results in a shorter period of time. Your teacher will prepare a class based on your personal needs and during the class you will receive direct explanations, correction and feedback in order to instantly improve your language skills.

Get Records

All our classes are recorded automatically so that you can review it in your own time as many times as you like from any browser anywhere in the world.

Native-Speaking Teachers

Our teachers are native Arabic speakers as well as very highly qualified and skilled teachers. Many of our teachers are Hafizul Quran or active in the Da’wa. Delivering lectures in masjids and venues internationally.

Tips of Learn Quran for kids

We believe that teaching the Quran for kids is one of the most important things that parents should be teaching it for their kids. The

Egyptian Arabic

Classical Arabic is the 4th mother tongue that is spoken worldwide, as it consideredthe 2nd most talking language as about 60 countries in the world

Arabic language for children

The child receives his first language from his mother in the first years of his life by listening and practicing, so most mothers find keen

Arabic language for beginners

The Arabic language is the language which God revealed his miracle (the Noble Qur’an) to his Messenger Muhammad (may God’s prayers and peace be upon

The importance of the Arabic language

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken international languages ​​in the world. It is considered one of the languages ​​adopted in the United Nations.

Arabic as a second language

Learning a new language and developing the speaking skills required for it will be a tremendous benefit. There may of course be any given reason

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