Tips of Learn Quran for kids

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We believe that teaching the Quran for kids is one of the most important things that parents should be teaching it for their kids.

The Quran is God’s constitution on earth; the law approved by the Creator is revealed to His Noble Messenger, setting in it all the rules that people must follow to live a stable life. Those who follow God’s orders will gain comfort in life and paradise in the end.
Glorified and Exalted be He said – in his book:

“ whoever follows My guidance will neither go astray [in the world] nor suffer [in the Hereafter], And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind.”

[Taha 123:124]

Learn Quran For Kids

To be able to follow God’s orders contained in his book, we must first be familiar with and learn about it, and this will only be through learning the Holy Quran and understanding its meanings and even memorizing it.

The best age which a person can learn and memorize the Quran is the childhood period, learning Quran for kids is like what the Arab proverb says:

“ Teaching in childhood is like engraving on stone.

Meaning that the early years are the best period to memorization Quran for kids because they will not forget it forever.

Benefits of learning Quran:

  1. What if you give a person a lamp that will illuminate his way throughout his life ?, Holy Quran is a lamp that will remain with your kid until the end of his life, so do not delay and light his lamp for him now.
  2. The Holy Quran is the basis for studying all Islamic sciences, such as jurisprudence and belief
  3. Scientists deduce judgments and opinions through the interpretation of the Quranic verses in which the issues that mentioned to discussed
  4. Reading the Quran for kids helps them learn the Arabic language in a correct and fast way.
  5. The Quran brings the child closer to God and helps him contemplate the existence of those around him by knowing his words and understanding his meanings.
  6. Memorization in general and memorizing Quran, in particular, helps to strengthen memory and develop the skills of the mind.
  7. Quran learning for kids and promotion in its preservation raises the child’s confidence in himself and helps him to improve in other fields.

How to teach Quran for kids

There are many different ways to teach the Quran for kids, Includes:

The Writers _ kutabb

Direct indoctrination method followed in the ancient Arab schools that specialized in memorizing the Quran for children, and it was called “The Writers _ kutabb,” whereby children were sitting in groups in the form of circular rings and chanting Ayaat Quran aloud with their teacher.
But the era of “writers _ kutabb” ended and moved to ways more advanced and diversified.

learn quran for kids

Although the era of “writers _ kutabb” has ended, it has proven its worth as an effective way to memorize the Quran for kids, so the teaching methods differed later. Still, the direct indoctrination method has continued in Quran learning classes for kids.

Online Quran Classes

As a consequence of the matter has been developing until we have now reached the Online Quran Courses for kids, this method finds great interest from parents because of its clear advantages, including the ability to choose time, place, and Quran teacher that suits the kids.

It also offers the opportunity to attend the Quran lesson with your child, which helps him to increase his focus, especially if he is very young.

Additionally, in online Quran learning, parents can define the curriculum and process that suits their kids in Quran learning with the specialized teacher.

Quran video and audio records

The last followed method is also the provision Quran for kids online, but through self-effort based on the Quranic recordings available online and repeating them to the child’s hearing.
Besides that, it is necessary to ensure that the child repeats Ayaat correctly without any suspicion of error In addition to the necessity of rereading it to a specialized teacher for recitation and providing the correct Quran memorization.

Best Online Quran classes

Nowadays, more and more people are migrating into countries where Islam is not a primary religion. So it is quite difficult for parents to find qualified teachers who can teach the Quran.

Online Quran Learning classes at Alustadh Institute also resolves this primary issue, and provide many other features, includes:

  1. Male and female qualified teachers teach Quran for kids and adults in private classes one on one.
  2. Flexible timings, that is, classes arranged after mutual consultation between teacher and parents.
  3. Learning management system includes ( Calendar – Exams – Classes records – reports – library – and many other features)
  4. Affordable price compared with classic private classes at home.
  5. Parents can discuss and monitor the content taught to their kids with the teacher. Parents can also opt for Tajweed, translation, and Tafseer programs for their kids.

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Tips for Teaching Quran for Kids easily

  1. Respecting the child’s personality and inclinations and choosing the appropriate educational ways for him
  2. Diversification of ways to motivate children by rewarding them after memorizing and participating in competitions to read the Noble Quran.
  3. Divide Sura and Ayaat that will be memorized according to the age of the child and his ability to learn and understand.
  4. Explain the meanings of Quranic words that the child needs to understand and write.
  5. Lack of comparison between children. Mental abilities vary from child to child
  6. Tell the stories of the Holy Quran, some of which tell about animals and colors, such as ants, hoopoe, and the yellow cow, in a simplified way for the child, which helps him to relate the enjoyment of hearing useful stories by memorizing the Holy Quran.
  7. Use books that address the teaching Arabic language through the words of the Quran, such as Noor al-Bayan – al-Qaida al-Baghdadi – al-Nuraniya.
  8. Fully adhere to the provisions of intonation while reciting the Quran for children online for Quran reading for kids so that their tongue is correct and their reading is upright throughout life.
  9. Attempting to relate the meanings of the Ayaaht taught by the child to his daily habits and to use them in his everyday life situations,
  10. Repeating the Noble Quran before going to sleep, immediately after waking up and extracting daily supplications from the Quranic Ayaaht memorized by the child, such as:

“ Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.”

[Al-Baqarah 201]

Today’s children are tomorrow’s men and women, and our children are a trust that God has placed in our hands. We have to preserve them and bring them closer to God as much as possible.
The son who memorizes the Quran wears his parents a crown in heaven, so I ask God to write it for you and all Muslims with his generosity and mercy.

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