Egyptian Arabic

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Classical Arabic is the 4th mother tongue that is spoken worldwide, as it consideredthe 2nd most talking language as about 60 countries in the world use it , it comes after the English language, which is spoken by 101 countries around the world.
Despite the fact that the Arabic language is qthe official language of all the countries of the Middle East, as the Arab countries speak many different Accent according to each country, including the Saudi Accent, the Kuwaiti Accent, the Lebanese Accent, and the Egyptian Accent, which is considered one of the most important and widespread Accent.
It is a North African accent and a branch of the Afro-Asiatic languages, as it is specific to the Nile Delta region

The Egyptian Arabic accent needs one of the most Arabic accents required to study from various nationalities all over the world,that for many reasons the most important is large number of visitors to Egypt for tourism or study in Al-Azhar, work or other reasons,also its importance come from: its using in media, literary and artistic works, such as: plays and poetry.
And the increase in the delegations of Egyptian labor scattered in the Arab countries in general and the Gulf countries in particular, in addition to the large number of delegations of Arab tourists to Egypt to visit, which helped to learn
Egyptian vernacular by Arab citizens.

The transmission of the Arabic language to Egypt with the Islamic conquest and its considerati in the official language in news and newspapers, the school books and government records, but it is not the only one affected in the Egyptian arabic, Egyptian arabic language affected by English, Italian, Greek, French and Turkish,

However, what distinguishes the Egyptian varabic language from other accents is that they have digested all these languages and made a distinct dialect of them that is in line with the needs of their society and circumstances, as u find some countries speaks French fluently alongside their Arabic accent as a result of the occupation of these countries by French speaking countries And this is what did not happen in the Egyptian arabic . Rather, the Egyptian arabic collected all these languages and mixed them and added to them the way of their own pronunciation from their environment to make it Egyptian arabic language accent .
The Egyptian arabic language retains many words and expressions that were used in the ancienta Egyptian accent , including the months of the agricultural year in which farmers learn about the weather and calculate the times of planting crops and times of harvest.
The Egyptian arabic language is written in well-known Arabic letters, where it is written and pronounced, which makes it easier to learn the Egyptian Arabic for its learners

Because many students around the world ask to study the Egyptian arabic language , there are many methods available for teaching the Egyptian accent , so the learner can easily get Egyptian Arabic lessons through the international network by choosing the best teachers specialized in that, and he can even find some special offers for educational courses for teaching Egyptian Arabic accent.

And of course to increase the demand for studying the Egyptian Arabic language , some specialists have devoted themselves to writing books on teaching the Egyptian arabic accent , so you can find many books specialized in teaching Egyptian arabic language, through which the rules, words and expressions are explained through them, in addition to explaining the meanings of the Egyptians, perhaps through proverbs. Folk, etc., and some letters that are added, deleted or replaced in words from other languages.

And whoever wants to listen to the Egyptian arabic accent can find many videos on various websites that explain Egyptian phrases and words, including those that carry content for the purpose of actual study, including entertainment and comedy as well, as what is most known about Egyptians they are funny and love of ridicule, in addition to documentaries and cinematographic films And dramas series that were implemented in the Egyptian accent.

As any other language, it is the best way to study Egyptian Arabic through practicing it with its native speakers, so the learner needs to scrutinize the choice of the teacher and the book which can study the Egyptian Arabic accent through the Internet from it.
Certainly, studying the Egyptian arabic local accent is not only beneficial, but also enjoyable for all of its students. It is not just a language or accent that the learner learns, but it transfer to him through it a culture of people with a long history wiylth many and many ages and events have formed a distinct, different and special character called : the Egyptian character.

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Egyptian Arabic

Classical Arabic is the 4th mother tongue that is spoken worldwide, as it consideredthe 2nd most talking language as about 60 countries in the world use it , it comes

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