Arabic language for children

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The child receives his first language from his mother in the first years of his life by listening and practicing, so most mothers find keen to teach their children their first language in terms of writing and correct pronunciation in their first years, then start thinking in the second language that the mother chooses for the child to learn it after his first language, The Arabic language is one of the most important languages ​​that are strongly recommended for mothers to choose at this time, for many reasons, the most important one is that it is the language of the Holy Qur’an and the language which the worship are held in the Islamic religion, and also because of the culture and civilization of its country, so the parents must have to Be careful when choosing Arabic language lessons for children, in proportion to the capabilities of their children and their ages, because it will not only be lessons to learn a new language, but also will take them to live a complete culture and civilization.

The difficulty of learning Arabic for children different according tomethod used and the educational curriculum that been chosen to study and the age of the child. Some prefer studying by going to a specialized institute and attending Arabic language classes for children, while others prefer home study, which is followed by many parents currently at the world In all subjects, they search for an institute that specializes in teaching Arabic to children online, and chooses the book and the method followed To start studying.

There are many educational methods in teaching the Arabic language to children, because they need motivation and attention, so they use colored papers, pictures and animal sounds, in addition to the comic stories that are relied upon in learning the Arabic language for children, whose idea often revolves around good behavior and habits Important for the child, or stories of the Qur’an or a simple stories about prophets.

There are many books used also to teach the Arabic language to children, some of them use Qur’anic words, some of them use simplified lessons regarding the daily repeated situations in a child’s life, and some that are limited to teach letters and words and the composition of short sentences, so parents must choose the most appropriate to teach their children, and help The teacher in applying and practice what is being studied.

And the Arabic language, like other languages, must start studying with a good knowledge of letters. However, the Arabic language is characterized by some letters and sounds that are not the same in any other language such as ( ض) letter, then it comes after learning short and long sounds in addition to the way of forming words and then sentences with some Simplified rules.

And because children’s learning is very different from adult learning, the parents must encourag and motivat his child in order to continue and develop in the study, and to motivate them there are many ways, including participating in competitions and rewarding the child whenever he passes one of the tests or levels, in addition to using entertaining stories and colored papers in the study , And other ways to encourage children to study.

Thus,the parents can choose the Arabic language for his children to study it as a second language, as the child can gain maximum benefit of studying Arabic language, notonly because it is the language of the Holy Qur’an and the language in which he can perform his daily Islamic worship, but also because it is a language that carries a wild culture that can simply transferred to the child who will benefit from it during his daily life after that. Every person who strives to perform a work, study or hobby can reach, after his various attempts, the level he wished for, so we hope that allah can support all of us to reach our children the scientific and practical level that we wish for them in The future .

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Arabic language for children

The child receives his first language from his mother in the first years of his life by listening and practicing, so most mothers find keen to teach their children their

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