Arabic language for beginners

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The Arabic language is the language which God revealed his miracle (the Noble Qur’an) to his Messenger Muhammad
(may God’s prayers and peace be upon him) through which the message of Islam was conveyed to people all over the earth throughout the ages, where God says (We have revealed it to an Arabic Qur’an that may You understand) {Yusef 2}, and perhaps the reason for choosing the Mawla – Glorified and Exalted beings – is precisely due to the delivery of his message to the whole world, to the extent of the eloquent strength of Arabic, language, completeness, depth, and extreme accuracy in expression due to its many synonyms and the use of redundancy and brevity in it alike,in addition to this To the profound employment of rhetoric in the Arabic language, which was demonstrated before Islam in the extent of the brilliance of the people of Hijaz in composing, preserving and caring for poetry, the Arabs were then setting up major markets such as “Okaz Market”, which was held for 20 days, to sell products and within its activities was a great festival Poets meet in it to recite poetry, which enriched the Arabic language and qualified it to become the language of the Holy Quran, so studying Arabic is an important requirement for many people all over the world, and studying Arabic may seem difficult for beginners, but following the right steps facilitates learning the Arabic language for beginners.
If learners follow these steps it will be easy for them ,

Choose the appropriate method of study:

There are many useful ways to study Arabic language , but you must first define your own circumstances in order to determine the way which you will be able to study by . For example, you can go to an institute that specializes in teaching Arabic for beginners, this is if you can go to the place to attend, while specialized institutes are also available online , which provides you with educational courses for the Arabic language for beginners, and tests to verify the passing of the level, and this method is featured by its flexibility as it will not be restricted to a specific place to continue studying , in addition to the ease of providing and maintaining various online learning materials , and you can also meet with a teacher who can arrange for you classes to learn Arabic language and continuing, in particular.

  Language practice is your most important step:

Reading and speaking Arabic is a bit difficult for Arabic language beginner learners , but the keyword to go through that is practicing the language so focus on using the language that you want to study frequently, and the good news in that is that speaking is an important and big part of the program for Arabic classes for beginners.

The importance of studying basic words in Arabic language for beginners:

Like any language, the basis for speaking it is through the correct syntax, and the sentence consists of words, so the beginner student of Arabic must pay attention to studythe basic words and use them in correct sentences.

Read and write Arabic for beginners:

If speaking is important, reading and writing are not less important than speaking, and for the learner to be able to read and write Arabic well, he must first be interested in memorizing Arabic letters and learning to write them, especially since the Arabic language is distinguished by some letters that are not the same in other languages ​​like (ض) letter , and of course the letters are not all Something, but what also distinguishes the Arabic language from other languages ​​is the long and short movements and sounds, so the arrangement of Arabic lessons for beginners must be properly sequenced to be useful for students.

Choose your suitable book:

There are many books devoted for teaching Arabic for beginners, but each has a special character. Some of them deal with the basic topics and situations that the learner needs in his daily life, and some of them provide lessons through religious topics using Qur’anic words, and some of them merge between Arab and religious culture, Therefore, you must choose the book that suits you according to the reason for which you are studying the Arabic language and the way you want to study.that what can you determine in your trial class before starting .

Arabic grammar for beginners:

Of course, the learner of the Arabic language must take care of the roles of grammar , Sarf , dictation … and others in his writing of sound and expressive language, so the learner must pay attention to studying the rules and their application through exercises and dictation, knowing that there are some books that combine the study of grammar with language lessons Arabic for beginners with the required progression, and some other books specialized in studying grammar, Sarf or other sciences and grammar of the Arabic language.

Don’t forget to blog and test:

And also we advise the learner of the Arabic language to write down what he studied and copy files of his own that he designs with his taste and his way, so that he can return to it whenever he wants, as the Arabic language, like other languages, needs to return to study, continuous review, practice and good application, while the learner must also make sure to test his level From time to time, to ensure that he did not forget what preceded his studies and that he reached the required level in the language he is studying.

The Arabic language is one of the most prevalent languages ​​in the world and most used on the Internet, being the language of all the countries of the Middle East region and some of its neighboring countries, it is a language that expresses an ancient civilization and a broad culture, with great religious and historical importance, as it is used in establishing Islamic religious rites such as Prayer and pilgrimage, and it has a great cultural importance as well, where she wrote many literary and scientific books, so many people all over the world study it, and we wish them a successful study and useful knowledge.

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