Terms and Conditions


1. General terms

Booking a course constitutes acceptance of our current Terms and Conditions. By accepting the institute Terms and Conditions. as changed from time to time to meet the needs of the Institute and its students.

Alustadh Institute working all week days 24 hour. We will be closed for the Eid Adha and Fitr vacation every year.

Group courses students are given a placement test to assess their proficiency level prior to the start of class

Class timetable are negotiable according to teacher and student schedule.

Our professional and friendly online administration team are always ready to help you with all your inquiries and any difficulties you may encounter, we recommend contacting through Whats App for better and faster communication.

2. Certification

Certification is provided for all students on completion of their studies with us. 

We have tried and tested structured programs and teaching syllabus specially designed for online tuition and for non-native speakers.

3. Fees

Tuition fee is required to pay in advance for each monthly or quarterly subscription.

4. Refund policy

If a student subscribes for a month, it will be refunded if it is cancelled by the student in the beginning (first week) of a subscription after deducting the fees of lessons already given. Once a student subscribes, he will have access to the full course material. It will not be fair towards the company to refund the subscription amount after access to the full course library has been given.

Student will have the option to “Pause” a subscription and save its remaining hours for further study in case of holidays or for any other reason. He can then resume a subscription whenever he wants, provided that it does not exceed one year from the date of “Pause” the subscription.

5. Absences, Cancellations and lesson re-arrangements (Private courses only)

In case student cannot attend a lesson he allowed to cancel one lesson per month and admins have to arrange makeup lesson in time suitable for student and teacher. In case student cannot attend a lesson, he can cancel it 1 hour before it's starting time. Please note that lesson will not be cancelled if admin is not informed in time, Alustadh Institute is not liable to arrange makeup lesson (Re-arranged lessons) for "Student Absences". 

The same conditions apply to the teacher, in case the teacher absent the Institute is liable to arrange makeup lesson (Re-arranged lessons) for free with the same duration

6. Technical problems

Alusatdh institute provide educational platform and conference software able to work on all devices (Laptop, PC, Tablet and Mobile) So it's recommended to setup the software on the computer and your mobile also and recommended to have home internet and mobile internet to avoid internet cutting and electric cutting, Also, it is recommended to join class 5 minutes before class starting time and check your microphone and speaker settings, we are not liable to arrange makeup lesson (Re-arranged lessons) for reasons like technical problem in student device or internet cutting or electric cutting.

The Institute is liable to reschedule the lessons in which technical problems occur by the teacher or by the Institute.

7. Free Trial Lesson

We offer up to 2 free trial lessons to new students only. Second trial will be with a different teacher if in case a student is not happy with the first trial lesson.

8. Copyright

All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to any materials we supply as part of Courses undertaken by you are either owned by or licensed to us. Copying, adaptation or any other use of all or any part of it without our express permission is strictly prohibited.