Islamic Ethos and attitude course.

God almighty gave us the ability to follow the Sunah 

and good morals of our noble messenger 

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Program Contents

Many people send their children to expensive schools to teach them the right behaviors and good morals. Although God almighty gave us the ability to follow the Sunan and good morals of our noble messenger, which is characterized by good ethics

- So in the program we will teach good morals according to Quran and Sunnah.

In this program we try to prepare a generation characterized by Islamic ethics and follow the year of our Prophet Muhammad.

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Program Goals

1-Student learn the different between good a and bad manners 

2-Student learn the Proper literature and behaviors for each position

3-Student learn food and drink behaviors according to SUNNAH .

4-And the literature of the mosque and the schoolز

5-How do you treat people with a benign, non-racist morality?

6-The student learns the system and that the Islamic religion is the way of life of Muslims.

This program contains two books

*Arts and behaviors

       Where this book is concerned with correct behaviors according to the Quran and Sunnah in the daily life of the literature of the MSJED, Housewives, hospitality, food, drink, hygiene, etc.

*School literature

This book deals with the behavior of the student in the school, and how to deal with good ethics with teachers, and their colleagues, and the cleanliness of their school, and respect for everyone


What do we benefit from this program?

The preparation of a generation of children enjoy the ethics and behaviors benign according to the Quran and Sunnah, which helps to build an Islamic society based on ethics and helps this program parents to raise their children.

This course contain

In this program we relied on a collection of books containing pictures that interested in clarifying the correct behaviors In different situations.

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