Hadith of the Prophet Course

Hadith of the Prophet Course

In this program, the Alusatdh Institue has collected 30 Hadiths with a brief summary of the narrator of all the Hadith and the lessons learned from these Hadiths. We have carefully chosen the Hadiths as we chose the correct Hadiths.

This course we prepared to be a seed that students can then study the science of modern and we have chosen these three-day conversations that are related to daily life and we need in our lives to be useful to us in our lives and our children and our definition of the year of the Prophet.

Program Contents

This program contains 30 Hadith and text each talk with a short biography of the narrator of modern and also the most important lessons to benefit from each talk there are talk about:

  • Pillars of Islam
  • Principles and teachings of Islam
  • Warning of lying

And other Islamic values, which we learned from the teachings of our noble messenger.

Program Goals

In this program, we aim to teach our students the second and fundamental source of Islam, from which we take the Islamic judgments and teachings that we need in our daily lives.

Through this program we aim to teach our students thirty modern Hadiths of the Holy Prophet, which will help them to know some of the provisions of Islam.

This program is also known to our master Muhammad (PBUH)

We aim in this program to benefit students from understanding these conversations and how the Prophet Muhammad was living

What we benefit from this program

Through this program we learn about the most important narrators of the Hadiths and a brief about them.

We also learn 30 Hadiths that help teach Islamic ethics and the pillars of Islam and its principles.

This program prepares the student to study HADITH science  after that.

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