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learn arabic online in private classes with real native Arabic speaking teacher's teaching Arabic language for adults and kids, Classes Solar Escape live online with Video and audio.

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Arabic Language Course

Many people around the world are trying to learn the Arabic language for many purposes, including understanding and reading the Quran and Arab Islamic culture and how to deal with Arabs and other purposes.

Therefore, Alustadh Institute has prepared a program to learn Arabic easily and quickly and overcome the difficulties faced by students in learning Arabic, where we have prepared a program that helps students understand the Arab and Islamic heritage and the Holy Quran on the right way. 


We relied on this series of books are the latest and best educational materials Which helps students to develop the Arabic language from all its skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) with the addition of audio and video to the program to develop skills from all sides with an interesting and useful way.

Learn to speak Arabic

Learn to speak Arabic with a Native Arabic speaking teacher and the Advanced learnig Arabic program made by our language experts. At Alustadh Institute, we know that just 3 days per week is enough to ake big strides in learning the Arabic language.